Note: This Zeus Comics is in no way associated with the well known Texas store Zeus Comics.
Back on April 1, we told you about Zeus Comics—a purported line of salacious 50s comics that had recently been rediscovered. Given the date and people involved we correctly deduced it was an elaborate April Fools Joke, but now the main perpetrator Mort Todd is back with a Kickstarter for the book No Social Redeeming Value: The Secret Inside History of the U.S. Government VS. Comic Books! which will be half novel and half graphic novel.

“The book follows the life of New York publisher Zigmund Z. Zoosman, who created the Zeus Comics line in the 1940s. We see his ups and downs in the industry, his interaction with gangsters and the government, as well as the creators and the comic creations that will be the focal point of the novel section of the book,” Todd said in a statement. The book will follow the real life comic book purge of the 50s mixed in with some zany faux history.

The Kickstarter is pretty modest — $2500 — and it’s more than halfway there already.

More info here and here.


  1. this whole thing is super-confusing as looking at the reward levels, i don’t see you get the actual book? it looks interesting, but if you back it, do you get the book?

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