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Over the weekend Portland, OR saw Linework NW debut as a new indie-styled comic arts festival to replace Stumptown, which has merged with Rose City Comic-Con. Held at the more indie-complaint Norse Hall it sounds from all reports that the show had a great energy. Dark Horse’s David Scroggy was kind enough to send in the attached two pictures, one of the crowd and another of the great Jim Woodring drawing. Scroggy noted, “There was a tremendous energy present. It was like an early Stumptown.”

Jim Woodring drawing 4_12_14.JPG

If you’re friends with co-director Zack Soto on FB you can see a ton of photos and comments, but I don’t think he’d mind me sharing this comment:

You guys. I’m so fried, I’m not even going to try and write a serious recap/thankyous/shout out thingie till tomorrow BUT I will say THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH. Today was definitely one of the best days of my life. Linework NW did good and everyone who worked on it did good and everyone who attended it did good and so forth. Really lots of fun and love.

Jason JFish Fischer has a photo album here.

Finally here is a video of Jim Woodring drawing with his giant pen at the show. If giant pen drawing is the mark of a successful event then this was a winner ll the way.

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