Okay let’s just get all these year-end survey things out of the way today! CableTV.com used Google Trends to figure out which Netflix orignal series were most popular in all 50 states, and Marvel won the day:

The big winner? Marvel rules the Universe, inspiring blind devotion in fourteen states with Daredevil and strong-arming seven more into watching Jessica Jones.  A few other Netflix originals like Bloodline and Orange is the New Black were regional favorites, but they didn’t come close to touching Marvel’s superhero streaming status. Each state’s favorite show was identified by compiling a list of all the original Netflix content, and then analyzing state data from Google Trends in 2016. For the purposes of this map, we excluded movies, children’s shows, continuations (series aired previously on another network), and limited, one-time specials so we could isolate popular original content in each state. For instance, shows like Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life made our list because Netflix is rebooting the series and creating original content from what was previously a discontinued network program.

I’m not certain what the methodology says about this. Jessica Jones came out in late 2015, and Daredevil 2 and Luke Cage was this year’s debut. Netflix doens’t make any ratings information public becuase…why should they? But the idea to is have HALF of all Netflix programming original eventually, so we’ll see a lot more comics programming coming up on there no doubt.

The controversial Iron Fist with Finn Jones as Danny Rand, is up next, set to debut on March 17th.




  1. thank you. this is very interesting. one suggestion and one query: a link to the original article with the map would’ve been useful and why is iron fist “controversial?” thanks again, a

  2. @andrew bartel Because there was a weird call to make him Asian, because I guess all karate men have to be Asian.

  3. I guess they never read the Power Man and Iron Fist comics in that the dynamic was a black man and white man being partners? Why would would Marvel who are very smart business people with Netflix try to go against a successful comic book story-line? Only a social justice warrior would come up with the “The controversial Iron Fist with Finn Jones as Danny Rand line”. This is why TRUMP won folks as people like me got sick of the Social Justice Warrior stuff. Here I am reading this article which I found interesting,than they had to throw in the old “The controversial Iron Fist with Finn Jones as Danny Rand line”. First thing I thought of was race baiting. Is this site becoming another Buzz-feed or Huffington Post?
    Really disappointed. I just want to read about comic books. Enough with this Social Justice Warrior stuff. If I want to experience Social Justice Warrior Stuff I will go pull out my old Dvds of All in the Family and listen to “meathead: pontificate to Archie about SJW issues.

  4. If you don’t want to read about “Social Justice Warriors”, why do you read a genre focused on warriors who fight for social justice?

  5. Amazing Stam, unfortunately I have to report the actual news and not make stuff up, and Iron Fist is controversial because people have different views on it.

    The Beat’s own Alex Lu wrote a piece about this called “Editorial: We Don’t Need an Asian Iron Fist (or Daredevil, for That Matter)”


    So there are certainly different views on this matter .

  6. So Amazingstam is basaically an Archie Bunker for the 21st century? Now why in the world would anybody want to be Archie Bunker at any point in history?

    He should just get his comic news from Breitbart instead of trolling.

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