Quartz has an infographic, charts and more to tell us what the most checked out books – by city – were in 2016. They surveyed 14 metropolitan libraries to get the list. by Quartz shows that The Girl on the Train is the most checked-out book at eight of them, and the most checked-out work of fiction at 11. Paula Hawkins’ thriller The Girl on the Train was the most checked out at eight of the libraries.

In a separate breakout,  various Wimpy Kid books were the most checked out kids books in eight out of 12 cities. Lincoln Pierce’ Big Nate series and a couple of picture books by Mo Willems also ranked high on the list.

I don’t think non-parents or non-children have any idea how big the Big Nate series is. It consistently ranks high in Bookscan every year and sells in massive numbers. Big Nate started life as a comic strip in 1991 and still runs in newspapers in those scattered areas where they still have newspapers.




  1. Big Nate predates Wimpy Kid, using a notebook journal as a device in the strips.
    When Wimpy Kid went viral, Lincoln Peirce immediately published two series:
    a diary series, similar to Wimpy Kid and Dork Diaries; a collection of comic strips.
    HarperCollins published the novel series; Andrews McMeel’s AMP! publishes the strip collections.
    His best ranking on Amazon’s kids’ GNs is #62 in books, #16 in Kindle ebooks.

    The link: https://qz.com/874650/the-most-popular-books-at-u-s-public-libraries-in-2016-mapped-by-city/

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