Daniel Clowes kicked off his tour for Patience in Toronto last night and come to the Strand in NYC tomorrow, with Philly and Princeton next on the list. Patience is now available, and the reviews are starting to come in. Publsihers Weekly was first:

This is a fascinating collage, repurposing elements from action thrillers, psychological horror, and romantic drama. Clowes skillfully anchors each psychedelic turn in human emotion. The SF elements here, as in his earlier The Death-Ray, are just vehicles for the dead-eyed cast to continue roaming through time for a happiness their own obsessions ensure they will never reach, and the future is no refuge from the cycles of abuse that Jack and Patience try to break out of.

I haven’t read any other ones, but when they do roll out, I’m pretty sure they are going to be glowing. Patience is multileveled and beautifully conceived. I’ll have more to say soon.