Artist Jason Fabok (Justice League) has been on the rise at DC Comics. The artists’ signature style filled with sleek line work and impressive, expressive characters has been a staple of DC over the past couple of years. Fabok’s art has just now been immortalized for the cover of the 2016 WonderCon program with colors from Brad Anderson (Justice League) following superstar artists like Babs Tarr (Batgirl) in 2015 and Cliff Chiang (Wonder Woman) in 2014.

Instead of the focus on comics that the past few programs have had, this new program cover centers around the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film. The artist has drawn filmic versions of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman in the foreground, with the traditional versions of the characters hanging in the background. In addition to being a piece of art shared on the program, this is the image that will be printed on t-shirt merchandise for the show available for purchase during the convention on March 25-27 starting at $21.75 and up for adults with $18.48 for youth.

2016 marks the 30th year of WonderCon. Fabok has worked at DC for over half-a-decade with various pencilling projects. The artist previously worked on Batman: Eternal and the main Batman series, following those projects up with Justice League proper in the New 52 working alongside Geoff Johns (Superman). DC Comics recently announced Rebirth as a new publishing initiative for the company where creative team reveals will be shared at the show.

wondercon-cover-eda8c wondercon-shirt-09890


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