Last year I dedicated a series of posts for a “Dwayne McDuffie Week” honoring the late/great writer. Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances I wasn’t able to devote time to properly write up a week’s worth of pieces, but I’d be incredibly remiss if I didn’t in some way pay tribute today on the 8th anniversary of McDuffie’s passing.

To that end I have compiled a collection of select tweets from 2011, when news broke that McDuffie had passed away, from various professionals, some who knew Dwayne personally but all who had incredible respect and admiration for the man.  The tweets I highlighted represent just a tiny fraction of the outpouring of love for McDuffie throughout social media that day. I like to think he would be pleased to hear he was among the top trending topics of the day alongside “Justin Bieber’s new haircut” and the band “Phish.”

Words fail me to properly convey just how much McDuffie meant to me, both as a writer and a person, so just for today I’ll let others do it for me. Make no mistake, not a day goes by that I don’t think about Dwayne.

I encourage everyone to support the Dwayne McDuffie Fund to help continue McDuffie’s vision and legacy.


  1. Dwayne’s run on Deathlok (the Michael Collins version) is highly underrated. In particular, the issue guest-starring the Black Panther (#22) has a take on Wakanda’s scope, majesty and importance to the black experience that feels like the movie eventually did.

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