The Japanese toy and statue company Kotobukiya is one of a handful of companies associated with high quality premium format figures and statues. Kotobukiya displayed their newest designs at Toy Fair 2019. The company showcased what they have coming out in 2019 and beyond. Licenses on display included Marvel, DC, G.I. Joe and Harry Potter.

Thor artist Russell Dauterman designed this Thor Odionson statue. The statue has a truly epic feel to it. It captures Thor in his most recent iteration.

Other Avengers were also on display at their Toy Fair booth, like Captain America.

And Iron Man.

And a rather smashing looking Hulk. The bases of the four statues interconnect. They can be displayed separately or together.

Ladies of the X-Men were also on display, including this prototype of Domino.

And this card announcing a Dark Phoenix statue in 2020.

Kotobukiya did not display much DC at the booth, but this Catwoman stood out, as did the Joker behind her.

Kotobukiya produces magic with these statues based on The Crimes of Grindelwald.

The ladies of the G.I. Joe universe were represented by this statue of Scarlett and mockups for the Baroness and Lady Jaye. Scarlett wears her classic uniform. Also, The Baroness and Lady Jaye wear their classic looks.

What do you think of Kotobukiya’s upcoming offerings? Which do you see yourself displaying on your bookcase?