With one virtual comic-con already underway, ReedPOP has now announced their own entry into the digital realm. Metaverse will be the first fully virtual convention from ReedPOP, to be held next month on August 13th through 16th. The convention will include live streaming panels, as well as a cosplay competition. Fans will also be able to buy tickets for interactions with celebrities, including meet-and-greets and personalized autographs.

ReedPOP has dabbled in digital events in the past, but Metaverse sounds much more extensive than those previous attempts. Unlike SDCC@Home, which seems at this point to largely consist of pre-recorded panels (and I know it’s early on, so maybe they won’t all be like that), it sounds like ReedPOP is trying to make Metaverse a more interactive experience. The one-on-one opportunities for celebrity experiences is a pretty smart idea, and it’ll be interesting to see who they’re able to line up for that.

Check out the teaser trailer ReedPOP has put together for the event below. Panels and other activities will be streaming through the New York Comic Con Youtube channel next month. You can head over to the official website for the event for more information and teases.


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