Building further anticipation for their already-packed 2020 publishing lineup, Rebellion is thrilled to announce that the intrepid detective and super-sleuth extraordinaire Sexton Blake will be returning with an exciting new prose collection in April 2020.

Sexton Blake and the Great War (April 2020)

A killer blend of James Bond, Indiana Jones, and Sherlock Holmes (then wrapped inside a riddle, wrapped in an enigma), Blake — with his awesome bullet-proof Rolls-Royce and Moth monoplane — is known for his epic adventures and daring exploits. Assisted in all of this daring-do, of course, by his trusted side-kicks Tinker and his remarkable hound Pedro, the detective has been adored by readers of all ages.

After being largely forgotten for decades, this major new collection heralds a triumphant return that not only celebrates Blake, but also serves as the perfect introduction to the charismatic detective for a whole new generation of readers. Featuring tales of derring-do, espionage and exploration, the stories track Blake’s perilous adventures across Europe as he attempts to solve a host of classic crimes; from an encounter with a duplicitous German Kaiser to escaping a firing squad!

April 16th 2020 with Sexton Blake and the Great War: volume one (curated by author Mark Holder)  features three stories from World War 1 and the lead up to itThe Case Of The Naval Manoeuvres by Norman Goddard (1908), On War Service by Cecil Hayter (1916) and Private Tinker by William Murray Graydon (1915).

Rebellion will also be publishing five further landmark volumes in 2020, each with a fantastic art deco style cover, including:
Sexton Blake Versus The Master Crooks (June 2020)
Sexton Blake’s Allies (August 2020)
Sexton Blake on the Home Front (October 2020)
Sexton Blake’s New Order (December 2020)

Sexton Blake and the Great War will be available at all good bookstores in both the UK and US as of April 16th, 2020.