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WOW, lots of reading to do to get yourself ready for the new year!

§ You will be dumbfounded with amazement at Douglas Wolk’s list of exciting books coming out in 2010 like (above) Dan Nadel’s Art in Time: Unknown Comic Book Adventures, 1940-1980, a follow-up to his Art Out of Time anthology.

§ Then you’ll gaze in awe at Shaenon Garrity’s rundown of candidates for Greatest American CartoonistPart One and Part Two, with more surely to come.

§ THRILL! as Sean T. Collins and Jog briefly debate Urasawa!

§ GASP! as Brian Hibbs of the the San Francisco comic shop Comix Experience uses his POS system to see what sold in his store in 2009. Overview



§ We ran out of adjectives so just read Marc Sobel’s best of 2009 at Trouble with Comics.

§ A similarly-themed list from J. Caleb Mozzocco.

§ Robot 6 had a truckload of awesome content over the weekend, including The 30 Most Important Comics of the Decade Part One and Part Two.

§ Vaneta Rogers gets folks at Marvel DC and beyond to talk about publishing trends in 2010.

§ Where did we leave off linking to The Comics Reporter’s holiday interview series, featuring critics talking about important works of the Aughts? Hopefully here:
Jeet Heer On Louis Riel
Chris Mautner on Scott Pilgrim
Tim Hodler On In The Shadow Of No Towers
Noah Berlatsky On The Elephant And Piggie Series
Tucker Stone On Ganges

§ If you’re still interested in last year, I rambled incoherently with Brian Heater at The Daily Cross Hatch about 2009.


  1. “‘WOW’ ‘dumbfounded with amazement’ ‘gaze in awe’ ‘THRILL!’ ‘GASP!'”

    Somebody had a good holiday season!