Hooray, it’s Monday! Back to work and the real world, y’all! To celebrate, let’s analyze the adventures of Captain Triumph as seen on the cover to Crack Comics #60 c. 1949. Captain Triumph thought that stopping a lynching would be a picnic, but he discovered this was not the case. A lynching is a violent attempt at murder via asphyxiation, carried out by hooligans in bright yellow caps. A picnic is a casual meal eaten outdoors, preferably on a sunny day, giving an opportunity to indulge in both potato salad and Vitamin D at the same time. Thus, the lesson is learned: TROUBLE IS NO PICNIC.

With that somber lesson in mind, it’s a brand new day here at Stately Beat Manor, and to start the year off, we’re looking for some interns again. If you know some WordPress, HTML, and have an orderly mind, we may have some tasks for you. No pay but all the glory in the world! Plus, free comics! Apply at the usual place.

We’ll be rolling out the results of our annual survey as soon as we have some coffee, and a few other roundup-type pieces are planned for this week. Unlike other folks, we needed that time off just to get them written, but better late then never. Onward and upwards with the arts!


  1. Yes, Trouble Is No Picnic, as our jodpur wearing Captain discovered on that rueful day when they tried to lynch his pal Abner for the lad’s poor taste in designer picnic wear– but a cold roasted chicken, a nice bagette, a sliver of aged Manchego, a bottle (ok, 2 bottles) of a good DOCG Chianti, some fruit and chocolate and a bunch of ants…now THAT is a picnic.