Valiant Entertainment is amping up the hype for its new Psi-Lords series with a fun, interactive campaign. The company is offering a special prize for readers who call in any and all Psi-Lord sightings to a tipline. Whether you reach a recorded message or a “live Starwatcher,” if you leave your name, e-mail address, and the address of your LCS — uh, your local Psi-Lords Defense Station, that is — an official Starwatchers iron-on patch will be sent to your LCS for pick-up.

Here are the instructions, per the official press release:

  1. Dial 833-PSILRDS (833-774-5737).
  2. If you get a voice recording, provide your name, e-mail address, and the name of your local Psi-Lords Defense Station (comic book shop).
  3. If you get a live Starwatcher, stay calm and report your findings. They will be able to take down your information.

Psi-Lords often act strangely and exhibit dangerous supernatural abilities. They also glow. For more information about the upcoming Psi-Lords series, check out our interview with series writer Fred Van Lente. Issue #1 hits stores Wednesday, June 19; FOC is Monday, May 27.

Psi-Lords wanted poster by Jonboy Meyers
Jonboy Meyers/Valiant Entertainment.