Lucifer is looking for friendship in all the dark places. In Lucifer #7, he visited Hell– his former home and dominion. He found it changed and its masters were not amenable. Now, in this Wednesday’s Lucifer #8, we find the Morning Star in the Egyptian underworld, Duat, continuing his mission to find safe harbor and allies.
One of the most dense and beautiful books in Vertigo’s current lineup, Lucifer seeks to ponder the nature of duty and destiny. Of worship and of sin. Making his artistic debut on the title this month is Aaron Campbell, who illustrated one of the Beat’s favorite comics of 2018Infidel. This new issue also comes on the heels of Netflix’s new season of the Lucifer TV adaptation.
For the philosophers and horror fans among us, Lucifer is for you. Check out the Beat’s exclusive preview of Lucifer #8 after the jump.

Writer: Dan Watters
Artists: Aaron Campbell, Sebastian Fiumara, Max Fiumara
Colorist: Dave McCaig
Letterer: Steve Wands
Lucifer is in Duat. The gods of the Egyptian underworld consider whether to give the Devil the sanctuary he seeks—or whether to devour his heart. Meanwhile, the world’s witches arrive for a sabbath, and an act of blood magic does not go as planned.


  1. Awesome art! I didn’t read because, gotta save it for the book.
    Lucifer as a character is so relatable; love him in both current mediums

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