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EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: LUCIFER #8 Sends the Devil to the Egyptian Underworld

Lucifer travels to Duat in search of new friends.

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: LUCIFER #3 Sings a Song of Guilt, Grief, &...

Once burning bright, Lucifer is quickly losing the charm and will that made him the Morningstar

DC ROUND-UP: LUCIFER #1 posits that we might be totally f*cked

DC Comics is trying something new. In the wake of their Rebirth initiative, the publisher has rapidly expanded its content to include diverse new...

DC ROUND-UP: Your SANDMAN UNIVERSE #1 sampler review

Peek through the scrying glass with Alex Lu and find out which titles in the Sandman Universe will have you falling into Dream all over again

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits 6/19//18: Now with glove-on-glove action

Batgirl will NOT run out of gloves.

Your crash course guide to DC’s new SANDMAN UNIVERSE line

New images and details about the return of the Dreaming to the DCU.

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: In LUCIFER #13, Even the Devil Celebrates Christmas

"If Saint Nicholas brings sweets for the good, Krampus brings birch sticks to beat the naughty."

NYCC ’16: Author Richard Kadrey to take over LUCIFER with issue...

The Vertigo series will see a new writer for its second year

Lucifer follows the X-Files to a strong debut amid a flood...

It seems the new run of X-Files has been a hit. (It seems wrong to call it a relaunch or a reboot since it's the same show with the same cast and credits, just after a 14 year absence.) Last night's second episode paved the way for a strong debut for Lucifer, the new show based on the Vertigo comic. (Haven't watched it yet but it's on my hard drive.) X-Files is airing in Gotham's spot for the next few weeks, and did better than that show:

NYCC’15: WBTV Preview Night Screenings

Last Thursday, early afternoon, I perused the lower level halls of New York Comic Con. Autographings and photo ops were running nicely, and the...