Netflix’s Lucifer will be entering its sixth and final season this year, and after an exciting—and shocking—Season 5 (that was divided into two parts thanks to COVID), fans can expect the supernatural series to go out with a bang.

The ComicCon@Home panel dedicated to the show featured titular star Tom Ellis along with producers Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich. The panel was moderated by Luke Cook, who portrays a different Lucifer Morningstar on The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

The dueling Lucifers started off by joking that they have a lot in common, especially on Instagram.


“We have a lot in common, you and me,” Cook teased. “You can see our bare ass on Instagram whenever anybody wants to. On-Demand streaming. The fans want to know. I want to know, what are you squatting nowadays?”

“Well, I got slightly dodgy knees, so not too heavy, buddy,” Ellis answered. “And no one wants to see my streaming ass, to be honest.”

Once the producers joined the chat, Cook got down to business discussing Season 5B and how they felt seeing it finally hit the screen after a year and a half in limbo.

Henderson said, “It’s just so rewarding because we’ve been sitting on this story, on this journey, for so long and to finally have been able to share it with everyone and see everyone’s reactions and just revel in how well it turned out and the incredible performances that were on the screen. It’s been wonderful.”

A large part of the panel was the musical episode, particularly Ellis’s rendition of “I Dreamed a Dream” and how they narrowed down and secured the rights to the songs they wanted to be included.


There was also much discussion about the killing of a beloved main character. While Modrovich jokingly blamed Ellis, the truth is the departing actor was behind the pitch for letting the character go out in a “fiery blaze of glory.” (If you haven’t seen the season yet, this is your spoiler warning before watching the full panel.)

The big news revealed during the virtual panel was that the final season will drop on September 10 on Netflix. The producers, while tightlipped about certain details, did let a few things out, like answering the popular question: Will Chloe die if she takes off the ring?

“This one we can definitely answer,” Henderson said.

“No, she does not,” Modrovich chimed in.

“We can reveal that it had a certain amount of power. The power was used to bring her back. Now, it just looks awesome on her hand,” continued Henderson.

The panel shared a retrospective look at the first five seasons as well as a teaser for the last one before revealing the series finale start date of September 10. Fans can also look out for Lucifer profile icons of the main cast to personalize their Netflix account.

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