This week Dark Horse Comics will release Savage Hearts #5, the final issue of the miniseries from writer Aubrey Sitterson, artist Jed Dougherty, colorist Lovern Kindzierski, and letterer Taylor Esposito. Today The Beat has an exclusive preview of the story’s concluding chapter, which finally answers the primary question of the series: will they or won’t they?

Here’s how Dark Horse describes Savage Hearts #5:

The heart-pounding conclusion of the fantasy romcom answers all your burning questions: Will Bronwyn get her revenge on Lord Tretch? Will Graow be any help whatsoever? And, most importantly: are those two going to smooch or what!? From Aubrey Sitterson (No One Left to FightThe Comic Book Story of Professional Wrestling) and Jed Dougherty (Worlds’ FinestHarley Quinn).

* Special print-only back-up No Kings, No Masters by Aubrey Sitterson and Goran Gligovic!

Savage Hearts is the latest Dark Horse project from writer Aubrey Sitterson. Last month saw the conclusion of The Worst Dudes, which Sitterson created with artist Tony Gregori, Kindzierski, and Esposito; a collected edition of that series is due out in February 2022. October also debuted the first issue of No One Left to Fight II, the sequel to Sitterson’s hit series with Fico OssioRaciel Avila, and Esposito.

As to the wide variety of projects Sitterson has worked on for Dark Horse, the writer expressed his goals in an interview with The Beat earlier this year:

I want to write all of the genres. All of them. And I’m so very blessed and grateful that Dark Horse has put so much faith in me.

Check out the exclusive four-page preview of Savage Hearts #5 below. The concluding issue of the series is due out in print and digitally this Wednesday, November 17th. A collected edition of the full series is scheduled for release in March 2022.