It’s been quite some time since Sam Henderson inked a new issue of MAGIC WHISTLE (almost four years in fact), but finally his return is upon us! Returning to his previous 32-page format, MAGIC WHISTLE has been an ongoing project for Henderson since 1993. The 12th issue, appropriately titled THE RETURN OF THE MAGIC WHISTLE, kicks right back into its crude and hilarious form, tackling issues like political history, robot-duckling communications, and even existential questionings of what constitutes humor. Not much has changed, as Henderson’s classic scratchy doodles provide a vehicle for some gut-wrenching gags, sticking a proud middle finger to sophistication.

Magic Whistle #12 also features a back cover by DYNA MOE, who is most known for her Mad Men drawings (whom once upon a time Henderson himself made fun of ). For the back cover, she adapts one of Henderson’s gags into her own style, offering a double take and a new spin on Henderson’s familiar work. On Henderson’s blog (which is a great read if you need some daily Magic Whistle humor), he plans for future MAGIC WHISTLE issues to have a back cover illustrated by an artist that is not known for doing comic work. Another great incentive to read forthcoming issues!

Alternative Comics has been kind enough to pass on this preview for THE RETURN OF THE MAGIC WHISTLE, which should be coming out next month, just in time for Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival!




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