While 115,000 people converged upon the New York Comic Con last week, some 280,000 booksellers, publishers, and bibiophiles packed the halls at the Frankfurt Book Fair, held October 10-14.

While Germany’s comics scene is not as robust as that of France or the United States, it is one of the major book shows, and features numerous comics events to entice both rights seekers and fans.  Unlike Book Expo America, Frankfurter Buchmesse allows the public to attend on Saturday and Sunday, charging €16.00 for one day, €22.00 for two days, including public transportation!  (Two adults and up to three children can get a family pass for €38.00.)

So imagine Book Expo running for three days, and then add NYCC on the weekend, hold it at McCormick Place, and you get an idea of what happens in Frankfurt every October.  Need a visual?  Here’s the site map. Those aren’t floors or rooms… those are buildings.

The Comics Centrum/Centre was located in Building 3.

Oh, and it’s been running since Gutenberg perfected movable type in nearby Mainz.

So, all the German publishers (including the German graphic giants Ehapa and Carlsen) show up, as well as publishers and professionals from other countries.  New Zealand was the guest of honor this year, and set a Fair record with 90,000 attendees visiting the New Zealand pavilion!

So, amid all these books, what was there for comics?  The annual German cosplay championship!  Hobbit cosplay at the New Zealand pavilion!  The German Cartoon Prize.  The Sondermann Prize in five categories, selected by readers!  130 autograph signings!

There’s so much going on, I’m breaking this into multiple posts!  But before we get into the meaty goodness, here is a photo gallery from the official site.  Enjoy!  (Heiliger Bimbam!  If this wasn’t the same weekend as NYCC, I’d be there!  Heck, if those shows were back-to-back, I’d do both!  (I can sleep on the plane.))


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