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Readers and serious fans of the comics medium are in for a real treat this fall when Titan releases the translated “true and false” graphic biography of pioneering cartoonist Winsor McCay. McCay’s name is synonymous with innovation in both comics and animation. Indeed, creations such as Little Nemo in Slumberland and Gertie the Dinosaur continue to inspire awe. The graphic novel adaptation of McCay’s life by Thierry Smolderen and Jean-Philippe Bramanti doesn’t pretend to stick to the straight presentation of the facts. This is an “invented biography” where fact and imagination merge to create a beautifully rendered take on the life of the artist.

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Get ready for a dizzying dive into the “McCay Dimension” with this equally true and false tribute to the undisputed master of the imagination!

McCay is an “invented biography”, chronicling authentic – though only partially true – stories of the life of the future creator of Little Nemo, Winsor McCay – In which McCay’s life is enriched by an imaginary encounter with British mathematician and science fiction writer Charles Hinton… And glimpses of the fourth dimension!

Writer: Thierry Smolderen
Artist: Jean-Philippe Bramanti
FC • 232pp 9 1/4 x 12 3/8 • $39.99 On Sale October 17, 2018
ISBN 9781785868856