Rebirth #1, which sets up the outlines the DC universe V 5.0 (I think — has anyone really counted) debuts tomorrow at midnight, but over the weekend, the most notable plot points got revealed in a now-deleted Reddit post by a now-deleted user. A photo of the issue in question (Above) was included to prove access to the story.

In the interests of science, the integrity of the news and, surely, the children, Bleeding Cool dutifully ran the information. It seems a handful of top comics sites had been given early access to the issue and either these sites are not as secure as we’d like to think, or some smooth criminal stole a peek at the copy and posted it on Reddit. Or, since advance copies reach the office a week ahead of shipping to shops, perhaps someone at DC spitefully leaked it. OR maybe it was deliberate to stir up talk. (I’ll get to the actual spoilers below.)

Since the cat was out of the bag and playing with a hair tie, other sites jumped on board with their own spoilers over the weekend, including IGN’s Joshua Yehl who just straight up tells everything that happens. Newsarama participated in a spoiler filled review. These spoilers were sanctioned by DC, as by now they were enjoying watching the kitty play with the rubber band, and buzz is buzz.

And today, USA Today has gone whole hog with the big reveal. Which NOW IT CAN BE REVEALED









Includes the return of Wally West (always inevitable) but more surprisingly Doctor Manhattan appearing in the “mainstream” DCU of the Rebirth universe and as perhaps even its creator.

The culprit: Doctor Manhattan, the atomically powered, almost god-like figure in Watchmen who’s more an antagonist than villain in Rebirth, Johns says. “If you’re going to have a conflict between optimism and pessimism, you need to have someone who represents a cynical view of life and also has the ability to affect this. I know it’s crazy but he felt like the right character to use.”

How Watchmen is involved in the DC Universe is a mystery that will unfold in the background over the course of a couple years, but Rebirth in the meantime will focus on various players in its series.

Wally will be at the forefront as a cornerstone of a new Titans series, as will his mentor Barry Allen, the Flash, with his own relaunched book. A particularly poignant moment comes for these friends in the Rebirth special that was emotional for Johns to write. “Honestly, when I one day go from this plane to the next,” he says, “I hope I face it like Wally West faced his death.”

I confess, I learned of the plot twist over dinner and it caused me to put down my fork. If not a holy shit moment it was at least a fork dropper. While including the characters from the Alan Moore/Dave Gibbons/John Higgins classic is ethically bankrupt, let’s be honest….that particular Black Freighter has sailed.

While we can imagine some form of Pirate Jenny sent by Alan Moore to pile up the bodies and say “That’ll larn ya!”, the best way to fight back against this is not to buy DC comics, a tactic which an increasing number of comics readers are using, hence the need to juice things up with a shocking plot twist. 

As for Moore, he really won’t give a shit until some interviewer asks him what he thinks, and then a storm will blow in.

This somewhat dispiriting development aside, the actual goal of Rebirth is sound and necessary, as outlined by writer Geoff Johns, who calls for a return to a more character driven storyline.

“It felt like there were things that had gone missing — not the characters but an overall feeling of hope and optimism,” says Johns, the newly minted co-lead of DC Films and a producer on the upcoming Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman movies. “There’s a sense of warmth and emotion to this universe beyond the big epic threats and continuity stuff.”

In case you’ve missed the behind the scenes on this, to sum it up, since the New 52 debuted, Johns and co-publisher Dan DiDio have disagreed about how to reboot things, with Johns favoring a “shore up the base” return to characters basics (which is why the Flash and Green Lantern didn’t reboot after New 52) while DiDio has more of a “shock and awe and dismemberment” approach. For Rebirth, Johns is the primary aarchitect, working with the staff to plan things out a little more than the seat-of-the-pants New 52 universe. This is why you hear Dan DiDio talking about a two-year plan in his interviews. However, due to leopards not being able to change their spots on a dime (to coin a wonderful metaphor), arguments over spontaneous vs planned story beats have continued, with, I’m told by multiple sources, Johns expressly overruling DiDio mandated story changes.

However, due to Johns spending his time on his new and doubtless time-consuming job as co-head of DC Films, Rebirth #1 will be the only comic he actually writes. Will it set enough of a tone to keep the Rebirth Universe spinning in a more optimistic direction? And will audiences even like this direction? I’m told that while Johns will not be hands on writing any more books for the DCU for a while, he will continue to have input with the editorial staff on a regular basis. Will this be enough for the Johnsian philosophy to prevail ? Whose cuisine will reign supreme?

I can’t answer that but here are some pictures of Wally West, alive once more and the preview pages of Rebirth that have been revealed.


rebirth-wally TNSREB_Cv1_r1 DCUREB_Cv1_ds REB_1_dylux-low-2REB_1_dylux-low-27  REB_1_dylux-low-32 REB_1_dylux-low-33 REB_1_dylux-low-36 REB_1_dylux-low-56


  1. “DC universe V 5.0”?

    1.0 Golden Age

    2.0 Silver Age
    2.7 Kryptonite No More/WGBS/The Bat-Penthouse/DC Bullet

    3.0 Crisis on Infinite Earths
    3.1 Zero Hour
    3.9 Infinite Crisis (The 52)

    4.0 New 52
    4.2 Rebirth (not a reboot, but a correction, similar to Zero Hour)

  2. Why is using Dr. Manhattan “ethically bankrupt?” CREATIVELY bankrupt maybe, but I’m not sure about the “ethically” bit. BTW, I’m not disagreeing. Just looking for clarity.

  3. Hey whiny fanboys, guess what? You know that Watchmen story you love so much and think no one should ever touch it?

    It still exists. It’s still there. No one rewrote it. You can reread it and jerk off to it all you want.

    DC owns the characters, not Saint Alan. Get over it.

  4. @Andrew A.,

    Alan Moore has expressed that he doesn’t want there to be any other Watchmen comics. There may have even been a verbal agreement, which is why there were no other Watchmen comics for 25 years until Before Watchmen.

    Of course DC has the right to do whatever they want, which is why this is ethically repugnant instead of illegal

  5. Thereby retcon-ing the Watchmen movie into the DC Cinematic Expanded Universe or whatever it is they’re calling it, retroactively establishing a foundation for who-knows-what.

  6. I don’t know why ComicsBeat included the apologist line to Bleeding Cool. If BC hadn’t run the story, spoilers wouldn’t be running rampant right now.

  7. Torsten Adair – I’ve heard your v2.7 era labelled the “relevance era” for DC in the past. I like to think that there was some kind of secret crisis that happened some time around 1970 because the shift from Silver Age stories to the Denny O’Neil-type “relevance era” stories is abrupt enough that it feels like a different version of the same universe. I’d probably consider that a 3.0 shift rather than just a change in the minor version number myself.

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