Funko, home of the most adorable and collectible figures has unveiled a (not final) Pop! Television line for Preacher, the new AMC TV series based on the classic comic. We get TV versions of Jesse, Cassidy and Arseface, but….no Tulip? I guess even cute figurine collectors don’t like girls.

Seriously, Preacher is about Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy. Not Jesse, Cassidy and Arseface. I guess you can make an argument that this is the first series and they needed to save someone for the second and blah blah…but it’s always the girl who gets left behind. In case you missed it, previous female characters who were missing in plastic include Rey from Star Wars and the Black Widow.

The set hits this summer, and no Tulip aside, it’s adorable. Too bad you won’t have the whole cast to put on top of your monitor.



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