Among the selling points of this news mini-series from Dark Horse is that it’s “creator owned.” It’s also got a nice throwback look, with flat, chunky color replicating the primitive (yet still relevant) coloring techniques of the pre-scanning era.

Written by Curt Pires and drawn by artist-to-watch Jason Copland, it’s a thriller set in a world where celebrities are literally manufactured by the ultra-rich and powerful. When one of them escapes, a five issue mini series breaks loose.

Pop #1 is on sale August 27th. 



  1. Definitely check this one out. Having read the first issue, I can give a big thumbs-up for the concept and creators – mainly, what if pop stars ARE manufactured? And what if one of them escapes? A bit of noir flavouring mixing with a story about finding your identity with music functioning as metaphor.

    Yes please.

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