Midnighter is back! One of the most critically acclaimed series that debuted during last year’s DC You initiative was Steve Orlando and ACO’s Midnighter. Coming on October in a new 6-issue miniseries, the Supergirl and upcoming JLA writer returns to the man who knows your every move before you make it, along with his paramour Apollo, this time with artist Fernando Blanco (Detective Comics) and colorist Romulo Farjardo Jr.

Orlando had this to say about Midnighter and Apollo:

“MIDNIGHTER AND APOLLO is the book we need right now, as comics’ most iconic queer couple face down a new enemy and show us that we can never give in to fear, hatred, and evil,” says Orlando. “And they do it with their own brand of action movie wit… and punching. I won’t just deliver fans the much-anticipated return of Apollo. I’ll also feature the Lords of the Gun and the iconic Mawzir from DC’s seminal Hitman, as well as Underworld Unleashed‘s Neron. And that’s just the beginning. It’s a knockdown, drag out, DC Universe western revenge thriller that starts kicking from page one!”

Check out the following six-page preview to get a taste of what’s to come!