You all know Joe Pruett, publisher of Aftershock comics, but did you know he has a twin brother named James Pruett? James has been involved in various comics things over the years, but dropped out a while ago. However, he’s back as newly-announced publisher of Scout Comics, which puts out comics such as HENCHGIRL, ONCE OUR LAND and SOLARMAN.

Pruett was formerly Managing Editor/Associate Publisher of Caliber Comics, and created or wrote book including THE APPARITION, BLACK MIST, BOOK OF ANGELS, NEW WORLDS ANTHOLOGY, and CALIBER CORE. H’s also worked on KAOS MOON and X-MEN UNLIMITED.

Brendan Deneen, CEO of Scout Comics, says, “The addition of Jim to the Scout team has already proven to be a huge coup for us.  He brings a level of publishing expertise that we needed and as Scout enters its second year, I am extremely excited to work closely with Jim to break our company out in an even bigger way than we did in our first year.”

“I’m excited to become a part of this dynamic new comic company, “said James. “I had stepped away from the industry for a time to concentrate on my corporate career and to help raise my two kids, but the calling of the creative freedom and expression of the comic book industry—my first love—and seeing the success that my twin brother, Joe, has had with the founding of AfterShock Comics, led me back home. I saw so many amazing things happening with Scout Comics that I realized I couldn’t stay away, knowing that I had found like-minded people with the same vision and appreciation for the comic medium I have.”


Scott Comics, Pruett and Deneen will all be at New York Comic Con.



  1. > You all know Joe Pruett, publisher of Aftershock comics

    Oh, sure! May Previews and order form:

    MAY161029 SUPERZERO TP VOL 01 07/13/16 SRP: $9.99
    MAY161030 REPLICA TP VOL 01 (MR) 07/06/16 SRP: $9.99

    This shipped August 3 and June 20, but (as already reported by unhappy customer Travis Pelkie within Greg Burgas’s August 2016 “Flippin’ through Previews” column at the old CBR), some shenanigans were afoot:

    MAY161029 SUPERZERO TP VOL 01 $17.99
    MAY161030 REPLICA TP VOL 01 $14.99

    That’s what you often get when you play the pre-order mug game with certain actors. And who is responsible for stealthily spiking these prices by $8 and $5? Without a “C: x-1-z” mousetrap or a disclosure in Diamond’s Product Changes?

    Well, who else than Joe Pruett, publisher of Aftershock comics?

    > did you know he has a twin brother named James Pruett?

    Are they like the Dabel Bros? Wait, I don’t care any more, it’s simpler to never get anything from Aftershock or Scout Comics. It seems obvious, in my opinion, that the DM is on its last leg and thus everyone is joyriding the beast one last time.

    A pox on their house of cards!

  2. Simon, AfterShock and Scout are totally seperate companies,

    I am not sure what happened with the trade pricing, as that is a questoin that someone else would have to answer, but I am sure “shenanigans” were not in the plan as I know they ae a very forthright company, run by good people. I do know that Diamond would not allow a price chanage unannounced, so I am positive that is not the case.

    As for Scout Comics, we stand on our own and I look forward to the future working with this great new comic company.

  3. “Trust, but verify.” Even Ronald McReagan knew that much.

    Diamond’s Product Changes are archived under where I check them weekly, as does the aforementioned Travis. I’m positive Aftershock’s changes weren’t announced there. (Not that it’s classy to bait certain specs and switch them with a tiny notice in some nook of Diamond’s site…)

    As for Diamond, how could they ignore such hikes since they updated the prices in their database between listing and shipping? They just didn’t report them in Product Changes, maybe to avoid scared retailers adjusting their orders defensively?

    Surely you realize the golden opportunities offered by gullible wallets who pre-order stuff sight-unseen but won’t bother to check the sometimes large discrepancies between what they ordered and what they get. Why give suckers an even break, amirite?

  4. Congratulations, James!

    Simon: Take it easy, man! Knowing most of the people involved, I can’t imagine there was any kind of ill intent behind the repricing. But even on the remote chance that there was, it has nothing to do with James or Scout.

  5. “Pirates or diplomats,
    “devils or heroes nonwithstanding
    “and just not quite in love perhaps…
    “so let them be dutifully resigned to their fates.”

    (sic) — Nate Powell

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