The year is 1941 and Lieutenant James Bond is about to learn the truth about his deceased mentor, Commander Weldon. But at what cost? James Bond: Origin #12, “The Debt” Finale,” is the last installment of the series exploring 007’s exploits before becoming an agent of MI6.

Written by Jeff Parker (Aquaman, Fantastic Four, Flash Gordon) and drawn by Ibrahim Moustafa (James Bond: Solstice, Mother Panic, The Flash), cover artists for the issue include Dan Panosian, Dean Kotz, Vasco Georgiev, Moustafa, and Bob Q.

The series gave fans a closer look at how Bond started as a young soldier in World War 2 before becoming the suave, skilled agent in the Secret Intelligence Service. Parker has stated previously how important it was for him to explore this earlier incarnation of the character, especially since the book series and movies only gave a brief glimpse at Bond before he became the tuxedo-clad ladies’ man we’ve come to know.

If you missed the first part of the limited comic, Dynamite has recently released a hardcover trade collecting issues #1 through #6. The book also features a few extras and bonus content. For individual issues and to find #7 through #12, head to the publisher’s website.

James Bond: Origin #12 is available in comic shops today, August 14. Head to your favorite retailer to get your copy. Before you go, take a look at some preview art.

James Bond: Origin #12 James Bond: Origin #12 James Bond: Origin #12 James Bond: Origin #12 James Bond: Origin #12 James Bond: Origin #12