A new superhero will break the fourth wall at Image Comics this November. On Wednesday, the publisher announced the mini-series Olympia by Curt Pires, his father Tony Pires, artist Alex Diotto, colorist Dee Cunliffe, and letterer Micah Myers. The story follows latchkey kid Elon, who spends his days by himself reading comic books. Then his favorite hero, Olympian, suddenly becomes real — but Elon quickly discovers that something evil followed also him through the pages into the world.

“We started working on Olympia just about three years ago when my father was first hospitalized as a means of giving us something to look forward to, to hope for, in dark times. All these months later the book’s finally coming out, even after he’s left us,” said Curt Pires in a statement.

He added, “Beyond any extratextual reasoning I can throw at you, though, this is just good comics. Plain and simple. It’s a love letter to the Spielberg movies we loved so much smashed against the cosmic epicness of the Jack Kirby joints that laid the foundation of our modern entertainment landscape. These are the most personal and raw comics I’ve been a part of, and I hope you’ll join us.”

Olympia #1 Cover A by Diotto and Cunliffe (Diamond Code SEP190047) and Olympia #1 Cover B by Christian Ward (Diamond Code SEP190048) will hit stores on Wednesday, November 20. You can pre-order from your local comic shop today.

Olympia #1
Cover A by Alex Diotto and Dee Cunniffe
Olympia #1
Cover B by Christian Ward