This week sees the release of Anthrax: Among the Living, a graphic novel adaptation of the iconic 1987 thrash metal album. The latest release from Z2 Comics features stories written by three members of the band, plus comics greats including Grant MorrisonGerard WayBrian AzzarelloJ.G. JonesDarick RobertsonDave Johnson, and many more. Today The Beat has an exclusive excerpt from one of the graphic novel’s stories, “One World,” written by Anthrax bassist Frank Bello, with art by Andy Bellanger and Tato Caballero.

Here’s how Z2 describes Anthrax: Among the Living:

In 1987, Anthrax unleashed a heavy metal & pop culture touchstone with the release of their historic album, Among The Living. Now, Anthrax & Z2 Comics invite you to explore the album like never before with this original anthology graphic novel!

Each song on the album is given an original story by an amazing creative team, along with extra content and the introduction of the new zombie ‘Not Man’ designed by horror legend Greg Nicotero (The Walking Dead)!

“One World,” the seventh track on the album, taps into the Cold War fears of listeners as a treatise on the futility of nuclear warfare, and the fundamental similarities between the United States and the Soviet Union. Bello, Bellanger, and Caballero’s interpretation of the song imagines self-interest as a malevolent force tearing the hearts out of all who come into contact with it. The imagery is striking and startling in its effectiveness, and a powerful representation of the themes of the original song.

As with most Z2 Comics releases, Among the Living will be available in multiple editions, as both a softcover and hardcover, including a Super Deluxe Edition that will include a custom monogrammed gold record plaque with the buyer’s name on it. That one’ll set you back $400, but it’s limited to just 666 copies, and come on – it has your name on it!

Check out an exclusive five-page excerpt from “One World” below. Anthrax: Among the Living arrives in bookstores today, July 6th, and in comic shops tomorrow, July 7th.