Full Bleed is a rather unique* project: a full size hardcover anthology of comics, articles, and stuff, a throwback to when we wanted out information in a handsome package. It’s co-edited by Dirk Wood and Ted Adams, and published by an imprint of IDW, but it’s also crowdfunded because…well, a lot  of crazy beautiful dreams need crowd support.

The Kickstarter for issue #3 is now up and this issue is jammed:


Monsters of Rock: An interview with Metallica’s Kirk Hammett, and Anthrax’s Scott Ian, concerning their shared history and love of all things horror and genre — By Russell Sheath, illustration by Tony Shasteen

Art by Tony Shasteen
Art by Tony Shasteen

The Grant Morrison Interview, Part One: By Gavin Edwards, illustration by Peter Bagge

Art by Peter Bagge
Art by Peter Bagge

The Underdream: A new comic by Josh O’Neill and Gideon Kendall

Art by Gideon Kendall
Art by Gideon Kendall

Black’s In: When a “Blackout” is a Good Thing – Text and illustrations by Abdulkareem Baba Aminu

Art by Abdulkareem Baba Aminu
Art by Abdulkareem Baba Aminu


Lover’s Eyes: An Essay by Tini Howard, with illustrations by Sara Richard

Home: A new comic from Erin Nations

Following the Bloody Trail of the Shaolin Cowboy: An interview with Geof Darrow, featuring never-before-seen art, by Hannah Means-Shannon

We Don’t All Live in a Yellow Submarine: An Essay by Vivek J. Tiwary

The Watering Shed: A brand-new short story featuring Hap & Leonard from award-winning novelist Joe Lansdale 

May 1968: The Revolution that Almost Was – A comic essay by Julia Alekseyeva

The Lost Boys of the U-Boat Bremen Chapter Three by Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Steve Beach

Down Mexico Way: A travel log by Jarrett Melendez, with illustration from Danica Brine

Uncharted Part Two: A short story by Benjamin Percy with spot illustrations by Brent Schoonover

The Shapes: A new comic from Adam Knave & Andrew Losq

Arizona Daisy: A new comic from Roger Langridge

New short comics from Shannon Wheeler and Noah Van Sciver

A personal tale of young love gone wrong, by award-winning novelist and screenwriter, Jon Raymond 

The Big Smoke, a photo essay from Joel Meadows

Blade Runner: Technology Steals the Soul — An essay by Tom Waltz, with illustration by Santipérez

The Big Smoke, a photo essay from Joel Meadows

…and I’m told, more INCLUDING a bonus standalone comic, Las Vegas Repo #2 by Shaun Harris and Miguel Ruano.


$25 gets you a print copy and having seen issues #1 and #2, I can say this anthology fulfills my Satisfying Chunk theory.

  • I know you can’t modify “unique” but I did it anyway. I’m sorry.

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