It is a new millennium and a New Star Wars Trilogy. And according to reports this afternoon Adam Driver is nearing a deal to sign on as the villain in STAR WARS VII, which JJ Abrams is directing for release next year.


THR suggests that casting for the threequel is well underway, however, Manhattan Project-like secrecy lies over the films, with actors who reveal anything having their pinkies cut off having their unmasking close-up replaced with Stan Sebastian Shaw.

I hope nothing bad happens to Driver, because despite being Hannah’s boyfriend on GIRLS he’s weird and riveting, and certainly rocks the villain goatee with great style. This guy would be a perfect General Grievous-type, who could torment the daughter of Han and Leia by first being a self-absorbed narcissist who’s selfish in bed, then suddenly becoming a needy clinging doofus who just won’t go away.

And as the clip above from above Inside Llewyn Davis shows, he’s well acquainted with life in space!

Now can we all get back to that petition begging Abrams to put in more than one female character?


  1. Tom, my porous memory betrayed me again, of course it was Sebastian Shaw who stood in for David Prowse at the end of RotJ as punishment for Prowse leaking details of the story to the press.

  2. oh. well, it was fun reading about stan shaw, whom i googled after seeing this; i really liked boys from company c when i was a kid

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