Every year Lego has a kind of “open competition” where people propose Lego sets and public votes help decide which will actually be put into production. This year, science writer Maia Weinstock had the best idea ever, and it’s happening: a five figure Women of NASA set!

(More twitter info here.)

The set includes

Scientist Katherine Johnson
Computer scientist Margaret Hamilton
Astronaut, physicist and educator Sally Ride
Astronomer Nancy Grace Roman
Astronaut and physician Mae Jemison

Johnson is, of course, the main character in Hidden Figures, the popular film which has helped reveal that, like many things in life, women and women and men of color have helped with pretty much every significant achievement in human history, even when they get written out of the history books for some reason. All five of these brilliant women are an inspiration for other girls who want to get into STEM professions, and will make a stunning desk accessory.

The figures will be available in late 2017 or early 2018 – and you’d better order them early because this is going to be a VERY popular set.

In case you’re wondering what else is up for review, the panel is still out on a Voltron Lego set…and a Lovelace and Babbage set didn’t make the cut.


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