Emerald City Comic Con is kicking off this week, the first big whoopteedoo comics confab of 2017 and folks couldn’t be more fired up! Twitter is abuzz with excitement as con season gets its first big kick-off — folks have been sitting on the sidelines for the winter and they can’t wait to get out and about again.

This feeling of enthusiasm will evaporate very quickly, but let’s just enjoy optimism while we can.

The show opens Thursday. Guests include…oh everyone plus Carla Speed McNeill, Gene Yang, Todd McFarlane and Tom Felton. So like, everyone. If you wanted to go, tickets are all sold out except single day Thursday tickets and a Saturday Outlander Package.

Based on the emails we’ve been getting…there will be a LOT of news at the show. Keep it “locked” to The Beat for periodic updates.

The Beat even has an operative already on the scene, and here are a few photos:


Image and Funko!

Yep, baseball comic con season is back! We’ll have more previews of the show as the day progresses.