Over the past several days, dozens of publishers and exhibitors have pulled out of next week’s Emerald City Comic Con due to concerns about the coronavirus outbreak in Seattle. Now con organizers ReedPOP, who already announced the option for convention-goers to request refunds for their previously non-refundable tickets, has reportedly extended the same offer to exhibitors as well. Artist D.J. Kirkland, scheduled to be in Artists Alley at ECCC next weekend, shared the news on Twitter:

According to Kirkland, ReedPOP is offering Artists Alley exhibitors full refunds, with no penalty in relation to exhibiting at future ReedPOP events.

This is good news for exhibiting artists who had already decided not to attend ECCC. Those decisions would have been made knowing they would be out the money they’d already spent on booth space, so the fact that they can recoup those costs is positive, even if it doesn’t account for lost sales from the show. The refund news may also make it easier for artists who were on-the-fence about attending due to health concerns to make their decision.

Exhibitors outside of Artists Alley have, as of this writing, not been extended a similar offer. Artist Jen Bartel, who had paid for space on the convention floor and announced her withdrawal from the convention earlier this week, replied to that effect to Kirkland’s tweet:


Emerald City Comic Con is scheduled to begin next Thursday, March 12th, at the Washington State Convention Center.

Update 10:20 AM EST: Der-shing Helmer, another artist scheduled to appear at ECCC, shared the full text of the email from ReedPOP on Twitter this morning:



  1. The Diamond retailer breakfast for ECC has apparently also been cancelled. With so many people and companies pulling out of ECC, the question has to be asked:

    What happens if you hold a convention and nobody shows up?

  2. What is the reasoning for still having this convention? I think the organizer has a responsibility to its guests. Hey, I have a convention, yeah, it’s a bad idea at this time, but hey….

    It’s not safe. Seattle is the Corona capital in the US. Think about that.

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