The Pokemon Company unveiled a slew of announcements Tuesday at its Tokyo press conference, including apps, games and even button downs. Each of the reveals are slated to release some time over the next year, and every Pokefan out there is psyched, but one announcement stands out above the rest as most anticipated and most memed: Pokemon Sleep.
Like Pokemon Go before it, this upcoming mobile app aims to help users maintain their physical health with the promise of pocket monsters. Though there were only a few tidbits on Pokemon Sleep, we know the app will connect to a new device, the Pokemon Go Plus+, to track a user’s sleep habits and affect game play accordingly. Users can wear the device or set it on their bed, where it will monitor sleep patterns and send data to a connected smart phone via Bluetooth. Then, the game adjusts itself based on hours slept and hopefully doesn’t sell any information to a third party.
The closer a player gets a full night’s sleep, the better the outcome and vice versa, apparently. Niantic, developers of Pokemon Go, are joining back up for the project. More functions are due to come out as the app’s release date draws nearer. Until then, go join in on the internet wildfire of memes and riffs.
In a similar vein, Pokemon Home hopes to connect all the Pokemon you’ve caught in any of the franchise’s iterations – literally. The cloud service is the evolution of Pokemon Bank. Subscribers will be able to send a Pokemon they captured on a walk in Go to either of the upcoming next gen games, Pokemon Sword and Shield or even Let’s Go Pikachu or Eevee. Trainers can begin storing their monsters when Pokemon Home releases for iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch in early 2020.
The Pokemon Company also announced a new mobile game; Pokemon Masters. This game is designed for the battle hungry trainer on the go. The titular masters are pulled directly from the tv show and each seems to have their own team of three Pokemon for players to challenge. Masters is designed with new players in mind and optimized for smart devices. It’s the closest to release, with a 2019 release date and a promise of more info as soon as next month.
The conference wrapped with a timely announcement. The Detective Pikachu game, which the recent movie was based on, is set to a sequel for Nintendo Switch. Fans are hopeful that this entry will wrap up the cliffhanger from the first game, but it’s unclear if this sequel will follow up in any direct way.