Welcome to Four Women in a Hotel Room, what may or may not be a daily podcast report from TCAF. I’m Heidi MacDonald and I’m sharing a room with journalists Brigid Alverson and Deb Aoki and manga writer Erica Friedman and we all love to blab so at the end of each day we’ll be sharing our most private thoughts…as soon as I turn off the podcast recorder. BUT BEFORE I DO, we’ll tell you whats going on at TCAF, our observations on the show, books we bought and session….maybe some food and restaurant reviews….and maybe some surprises.

In this episode!

–  Deb brings chips!
– We preview our panels at the show, including Deb’s session on “Graphic Facilitation” — don’t miss this!
– Brigid discusses her panel on “LGBTQ comics for Middle Grade readers”
– Erica discuss the history of Lolita Fashion after we went to see the So Pretty Very Rotten exhibit at the Japan Foundation
….and more! MORE. Four women…in a hotel room…with potato chips. Get our uncensored, wildest thoughts on potato chips, manga and life.

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