During the much anticipated Playstation Showcase, not one but TWO new Marvel video games were announced coming from Insomniac Games. The first to the surprise of nobody is Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, a sequel to the smash-hit Spider-Man PS4 game released in 2018 while the other is Marvel’s Wolverine starring everyone’s Canadian X-men.

Fans have been clamoring at the teeth for the inevitable sequel to the acclaimed Playstation Spider-Man game. Last year a remastered expansion of the game was released that featured a new and substantial story element with Miles Morales donning the Spidey uniform. A major subplot in the first game involved the reveal that Peter Parker’s best bud Harry Osborn was suffering from a terminal illness and undergoing a secret experimental treatment. Moreover, it seemed safe to assume from clues and Easter Eggs that Green Goblin and/or Venom would be appearing in the sequel.

Sure enough, the Playstation Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 trailer reveals the symbiotic villain is set to make trouble for the Web Slinger.

In addition to Yuri Lowenthal and Nadji Jeter reprising their roles as Peter Parker and Miles Morales respectively, Tony Todd was announced as the voice of Venom. Look for Spider-Man 2 be available sometime in 2023. As the saying goes, patience is a virtue so hopefully gamers can wait two more years until the game is finally released.

As for the Wolverine game also from Insomniac, aside from the teaser released during the showcase, specific details including a release detail were scarce.

According to the Playstation blog, Marvel’s Wolverine is a standalone game directed by Brian Horton and Cameron Christian.

The adamantium clawed X-Man has starred in several eponymous video games over the last few decades, the last being X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the game tie-in the critically reviled Wolverine solo film. Keep an eye out for details on the game as they become available.