In the sublime Instagram comics of Bjenny Montero, whimsically rendered and outright adorable animals have bittersweet, slice-of-life adventures.

Montero’s World

With a sensibility that incorporates melancholy and loss right alongside joy and connection, Montero’s comics are an intoxicating blend of incredible colors and detailed drawings.

Oftentimes, the short comics depict small moments in an individual characters’ experiences.

While some of the strips are simply heartwarming, others carry a sense of sadness that transcends the adorable animals depicted in the panels.

In addition to birds and frogs, there is also a character named Wormy, who is featured in strips that show his friends supporting him in spite issues surrounding his ongoing illness.


Other entries are simply single images, sometimes without dialogue.

And in many instances, the comics are posted in such a way that you can see the texture of the paper or the details imparted by the medium in which a certain comic has been made. 

Support the Cartoonist


If you want to support the comic directly, you can donate to Montero’s Patreon page.

Furthermore, if you are interested in purchasing some of the art (or if you like one of the t-shirts featuring Montero’s designs), you can purchase something from the online store.


You can also follow Montero on Twitter to keep up with the latest updates.

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