Potential spoilers below if you have yet to play Spider-Man PS4 game!

Full disclosure, I’m probably one of the few people who has yet to play the critically acclaimed Spider-Man PS4 game. Make no mistake, it’s on my holiday wish list, but based on the praises it’s been getting I may splurge early – student loans be damned!

Insomniac Games went above and beyond to create one of the best Spidey games with people equating it on the same level as the Batman Arkham games. A fair comparison considering all the small details and world building that went into a game loaded with Easter Eggs that people are still uncovering.

Thanks to a tip from YouTuber “illbedarnd” a clever Easter Egg can be found in Norman Osborn’s penthouse. Looking at Harry Osborn’s medical document, you’ll find references to Amazing Spider-Man issues #31 and #136 which happen to be the first appearance of Harry Osborn and the first time Harry dons the Green Goblin identity respectively.

I’m reminded of the Batman: Arkham Asylum game, with the secret in Warden Quincy Sharp’s office containing blueprints for Arkham City which would eventually come to fruition in Batman: Arkham City sequel two years later. I think it’s safe to assume a game sequel is already in the works. Whether Harry ends up taking on the Goblin mantle or turns him into Venom, gamers can pretty much look forward to some incarnation of the Green Goblin to appear.