Another awesome Penguin Classics cover, this one by Michael Cho, who explains how he did it here.


  1. I read the book when I attended Cornell College in pastoral Mt. Vernon, Iowa. (The dorm was next door to a corn field.) Since Cedar Rapids was just 20 miles away to the west, it was not uncommon to notice the waffle-cone smell of the nearby corn sugar plants on windy days. (And if you drove along Iowa highways during the summer or fall, one also noticed the nearby hog lots. Like the smell of fried food in a restaurant dumpster, it is both enticing and repulsive.)

    Given the parallels with our own college, this book became a cult classic amongst us hipsters.

  2. Upcoming PCDEs:
    Short Novels of John Steinbeck
    Ethan Frome
    The Prince
    Bronte Sisters
    White Noise
    Keith Haring Journals

    No idea who is doing the Keith Haring cover… Kenny Scharf?