In our very brief rundown of the fall’s busy convention slate, we forgot one: Bangor’s BangPop, which presents cartoon-types from Maine and New England, as well as Raina Telgemeier and Dave Roman, from away.

The Bangor Daily Newshas a chipper preview of the show:

Event founder and organizer Gibran Graham capitalized on the success of last year’s inaugural BangPop by doing the exact same thing — only bigger and better, starting with expanding the convention to two days instead of one.

“The first thing I learned from last year was that anything I was worried about, I shouldn’t have worried about. Everyone there was just so overjoyed to have something like this here,” said Graham, the organizational spark behind the SnowCon Gaming Convention and the Lebowski Bowl-a-rama. “We just want more of it all. More films, more guests, more kids’ stuff, more everything.”

If you’re traveling up north, make sure to check out the fine Shipyard local brews — there’s nothing like Pumpkinhead on tap.


  1. Sea Dog’s Bluepaw Blueberry Wheat Ale is particularly tasty on tap, too.

    As is Gritty’s Best Bitter.

    There’s no shortage of good brew pub beer in Maine is what I’m sayin’.