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This could easily become typecasting. io9 excerpts a STAR TREK comic written by JJ Abrams and drawn by Pope from this month’s Wired.


  1. I ordinarily eschew Paul Pope, finding his people ugly and his line messy. But here I like the color a lot, and find the “messy” line expressive. Maybe it’s just the trekker in me coloring my foolish human emotions.

    At any rate, d’you think this will find paper publication somewhere, in the comic adaptation of the new movie, perhaps?

  2. Pope is my absolute favorite comics artist. He is smart, provocative, and incredibly expressionist while not sacrificing what makes comics comics. Even though he could now go ahead and leave comics to do awesome silkscreens and art shows, instead he jumps back in and does SPOCK for WIRED.

    SPOCK for WIRED.

    can’t wait