Patton Oswalt has been rather busy over the last few weeks. When not convincing the World that he should be cast as The Penguin in the next Batman movie, he’s appearing in Parks and Recreation, and delivering a message of unity. And that message of unity is for the union between Star Wars and Marvel. In a scene cut for length, Oswalt takes to the stand and delivers a nine-minute improvised pitch for a new Star Wars movie which brings in everything from Thanos to the X-Men. In a canny marketing movie, NBC have made the entire speech available online, and you can see it below.

Would you watch this movie? I certainly would. The episode of Parks and Rec airs this Thursday.


  1. D’oh! I missed how meta things got when the guy that is going to play Star Lord (from the Marvel movie universe) walked out of the room on Patton. Mind. Blown.

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