There’s no DC related film I’m looking forward to more than James Wan’s take on Aquaman. For one, it’s Aquaman, who ranks just below the Legion of Super-Heroes and Captain Marvel/Shazam on my list of favorite comic book properties. Two, Wan is a tremendously gifted visual stylist, as evidenced by films like The Conjuring and Insidious (regardless of whatever storytelling shortcomings they may have, they look tremendous).

And now, I have a third reason. Favorite Wan go-to player, Patrick Wilson will be taking on the role of Ocean Master in the film according to Deadline.

Ocean Master aka Orm, is one of the two villains of Aquaman’s that most comic readers know off-hand along with the slightly more famous Black Manta (who is also rumored for the film). Orm most recently was the driving force behind the “Throne of Atlantis” crossover event, and with Johns’ run on Aquaman serving as a template of sorts for Wan and his team, its likely that this version of the villain will be cut from a similar cloth.

Wilson is one of the finest, unheralded actors in the business and after turning in a wonderfully stoic performance in the second season of Fargo this year, I’m glad to see him get another crack at a big budget superhero tentpole. For those who don’t remember, he was originally cast in Ant-Man, in a never disclosed part (some presume it was an earlier version of the Darren Cross role). He left that film after Edgar Wright departed, so hopefully Wan sticks around.

Aquaman is set to release in October of 2018.


  1. Since “Watchmen” is now the first DC Universe film, with Dr. Manhattan setting in motion the fall of Krypton that we saw in “Man of Steel” and the birth of metahumans in the DC Cinematic, this is a truly odd choice. If the rumors that Billy Krudup will appear as Dr. Manhattan in “Justice League” mid-movie to bring Superman back to life are true, how can they also include Nite Owl if the same actor is playing Ocean Master?

    This makes no sense! “Watchmen” is the alpha, the true beginning of the DC Universe.

  2. Ah! So Dr. Manhattan will be in disguise for the Flash! I get it! It fits his master plan. I hear there is a scene in Justice League where Dr. Manhattan tells Batfleck that he created him “in memory of an old friend” – i.e. Nite Owl. This is of course right after he rises Superman from the grave Lazarus style, and right before he tells Aquaman “and it was I who sunk Atlantis!” I hear there is also a reveal that Dr. Manhattan used time-travel to impregnate Wonder Woman’s ma, made himself look like Zeus.

  3. I hope there is a scene where Ocean Master beds down Mera while “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen plays on the soundtrack.

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