Tommy, Billy, Zach, Trini, Kimberly and Jason are returning to comics next year, and no, I didn’t need to check Wikipedia for their names. The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers are back, and Papercutz will be launching them into a series of graphic novels starting in May 2014!


As revealed today by MTV Geek, who seem to have just woken up this past hour and posted a bucketload of announcements subsequently, Stefan Petrucha and PH Marcondes will be writer and artist on the first book, and Michael Petranek will edit. The story will start before the Green Ranger or Lord Zed have shown up, and focus instead on the original five fighting off the threat of Rita Repulsa. Speaking of —


There’s going to be zords. There’s going to be putty patrollers. There’s SURELY going to be some Bulk and Skull action! NOW we’re finally talking!

This is what the kids of today want. No more of this ‘lone ranger’ nonsense. Bringing back The Twilight Zone? Move aside grandads, we’ve usurped you now. The POWER RANGERS were the characters that our new generation of twentysomethings grew up with, and finally they’re returning. This is the future of comics! The old generation of TV show revivals is dead.Bring back Beetleborgs! Bring back Street Sharks! Bring back ALPHA FIVE!

Ai Ai Ai Ai Ai Ai Ai!!


  1. Man, I ‘m so jealous of the creators of this book. I wish I were writing it. The first story arc? All about how the Pink Ranger and I get married.

  2. If it was a proper Power Rangers comic Papercutz would translate a Super Sentai manga and redraw all panels where the Rangers are unmorphed.

  3. Power Rangers is better off having their comicbooks published by D.C.Comics from now on, because : (1) Marvel Comics is owned by Disney, but maybe they’ll only allow the Disney Era/seasons be forever published by Marvel Comics. (2) Papercutz Comics is for three to ten year olds. (3) Saban probable wont allow IDW Publishing to make Power Ranger comics for the fear that a possible crossover with the Transformers would hurt the Power Rangers and their Comicbooks. (4) Boom Studios already has a deal with Cartoon Network. (5) Dark Horse Comics has a connection with Marvel Comics, way more than with D.C.Comics and the crossovers Dark Horse had with D.C.Comics. (6) Dynamite Entertainment is not that big/famus as a company, but I’m sorry if that opinion offended anyone. (7) Nickelodeon Magazine is for two to nine year olds. (8) Manga(or Magna) is too Super Sentai. (9) Saban has no other options. And finally (10) , Or just give up and no longer make Power Rangers comicbooks for now on.

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