Last Thursday, during my lunch break, I headed over to the rebooted Forbidden Planet.  DC had reprinted four Wonder Woman stories from “Adventures in the DCU” as “DC COMICS PRESENTS: WONDER WOMAN ADVENTURES #1“.  Sure, I would get a copy as part of my monthly box of comp copies, but I couldn’t wait to read it, and I’ll pass on the extra issue to my super-smart niece in Colorado.

So first I checked the back wall of recent releases, and scanned every title.  That’s when I discovered something unexpected, and, ultimately, amazing and fantastic:

Now, Fantastic Four was the first series I followed after getting hooked on Spider-Man.  I knew that Marvel usually did a decent job with Fantastic Four annuals, presenting fun, done-in-one stories!  So I picked it up, and flipped it open.  Here’s why I bought it, and why I recommend it to you:

  1. It’s drawn, and WRITTEN, by Alan Davis, so you know the art and story are gonna be good!
  2. It’s Ben and Johnny, housesitting the Baxter Building (or whatever it’s called now) while Reed and Sue go on vacation.  (If that were the only story, I’d still read it!)
  3. It features Davis’ ClanDestine.  Don’t know who they are?  Short form: a human and a genie fall in love and sire a family of paranormal humans who live separate from the rest of the Marvel Universe (although they have encountered the X-Men, Spider-Man, and the Silver Surfer on occasion.)
  4. It’s got time travel, famous people, and Doctor Strange!
  5. And…something I didn’t discover until I turned to the last page, where the digital code is found: it’s the first of THREE Alan Davis annuals!  The story continues in Daredevil, and finishes in Wolverine!  (Hmm… it looks like the variant covers form a complete image.  Might there be a poster in the future?)

(That Wolverine cover is most likely not final… it doesn’t have the purple background or the floating theme of the other two.  No image yet on Marvel.com, even though the issue is solicited for August 22.)


I eventually found Wonder Woman over in the kids section, where I also happened across the first two issues of  The Muppets: Four Seasons mini-series!  And when I got back to my cubicle, the monthly box of DC Comics was waiting for me!  What a great day!


  1. I hope that all 3 of these annuals sell well enough and become popular enough so that we can get a new ongoing CLANDESTINE series Alan Davis and Mark Farmer.

    Speaking of the CLANDESTINE, these characters would be perfectly suitable for an animated series. Hopefully Disney/Marvel will do just that.

  2. As much I love Alan Davis’ work, this annual was terrible IMO.

    Anything involving Davis’ abortion of a 90’s team, the Clan Destine, should definitely be ignored and avoided at all costs.

    Was this the only reason Davis did these annuals? To spotlight his awful characters again?!? WTF Marvel…

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