By Steve Morris

Neverendingly working Newsarama blogger Graeme McMillan has spotted a change in Marvel’s solicitations. Now, this may have come about as a result of a delay in art, or it may have come about because we exist in a cosmic tapestry, stitched and unstitched by the tapestrier, as may be their will or wont. But basically, issue #17 of Wolverine & The X-Men is going to kick aside the worthless cud like this ‘Wolverine’ feller out the way, in favour of an ALL-DOOP issue. Yes!

Doop, if you’ll recall, was created by Peter Milligan and Mike Allred during their run on X-Force/X-Statix, and is an all-knowing doopish green blob of infinity. He’s most recently been seen as part of Jason Aaron’s Wolverine-as-a-teacher series, in his new role as religious studies tutor:

All very well and good, I suppose. But what makes this news a bolt of blob-based brilliance is the surprise reveal that this issue will be drawn by co-creator Mike Allred. Grab your pom-poms, people. MIKE! ALLRED! Returns to Doop!

The issue will be released towards the end of September. Let’s celebrate by remembering the time Doop destroyed that jerk Thor.


  1. @pulphope, why did you decide go work for the Big Two, knowing there miserable track recorders with creator rights?
    (i ask this as a long time fan)

  2. JG: Speaking for Pulphope here, who is perfectly capable to answer this question himself, but what is wrong with working for the big two knowing where things stand and getting a reasonable paycheck for doing WFH work? When you ALSO, as Pulphope does, constantly create your own work?

    I think it’s a balance of original and WFH that makes a successful career. Certainly nowadays it seems that doing original stuff as a portfolio piece for a more lucrative job in animation or TV is generally the way to go.

  3. Hm. Can I reconcile this with my boycott of Kirby-derived Marvel product? On the one hand, I don’t see any evidence of Kirby characters being used prominently in the book; on the other, it’s got “X-Men” in the title.


    @Jacob: Presumably Milligan and Allred don’t actually own any part of Doop, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they had an equity deal of some kind. I wondered about that when he had a cameo on a recent episode of the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon; I hope they got paid for that.

    @Paul: Wow, how do I not remember you drawing an issue of X-Statix? Now I’m going to have to go through my back issues. I look forward to rediscovering it!

  4. Doop is and always has been the greatest part of the Marvel Universe (yes, even before he ever appeared in a single comic, he was somewhere in the universe, being awesome). It’s a shame that as an X-character, his film rights are owned by Fox, so he can’t be in Avengers 2.

  5. Allred on an issue of Daredevil.
    Allred on FF.
    Allred on an issue of Wolverine.

    Dammit. Looks like I’ll be picking up some Marvel books.