Apple has posted the official one, so if the above embed doesn’t work, go here.

Great cameo by Hines Ward. Also: Batman punching things. Good.


  1. That looks really exciting! I really like the scene with Alfred and Bruce…Michael Caine continues to be a fantastic Alfred.

  2. “Can’t understand what Bane is saying. Looks like even more style over story again. Too bad.”

    ‘When Gotham is in ashes, you have my permission to die.’ Not too difficult. Hope the Avengers movie is more your cup of tea.

  3. Ok I guess this receding wave before the tsunami of Occupy Wall st. film references.

    This does’nt have me pumped up for it, and rly exudes closure. well when this is done the only common sense move for the next person to helm batman is do a Batman Beyond adaptation :D.