In what has become an annual tradition at New York Comic Con, Marvel held its members only panel, open only to Marvel Unlimited Plus subscribers and Marvel Mastercard cardholders. Ryan Penagos recruited A-List talent for the panel, which was comprised of Dan Slott, Robbie Thompson, Nick Spencer and Peter David. Fans were instructed to put all phones and cameras away, as SHIELD agents would be patrolling the aisles during the panel and would kick out anyone recording or photographing the exclusive art and videos shown during the panel. Luckily for this reporter, a pen and notebook were not on the banned items list.

The panel opened with Dan Slott talking about Spider-Man: Dead No More – Clone Conspiracy. “We’re bringing people back. All loved ones and old characters. And bringing back with them all the feels,” Slott said. Confirmed in the artwork shown in the panel, both Gwen Stacey and Doctor Octopus will be among the resurrected. Both characters were drawn in their classic, 60s looks. Kaine is also making his return. Fans last saw Kaine at the tail end of Spider-Verse, and have wondered about the fate of Miles Warren’s first, failed spider-clone.

It was also announced that Dan Slott will be consulting on the new Spider-Man cartoon series. Slott said that the new series “focuses on young, Homecoming-aged Peter Parker.” The storylines in the series will be largely based on Slott’s Spider-Man run, and Slott said that we will see the first Spider-Man suit mentioned by Tony Stark in Captain America: Civil War. The clip Penagos showed the audience showed off that first spider-suit, which definitely had a homemade, amatuer hero feel to it. From the extended clip that was shown, it looks like this show will have lots of humor and heart.

In regards to Dan Slott’s other series, the writer said that the Silver Surfer will be going to the Casino Cosmico in Silver Surfer #7, where the Grandmaster hangs out. “Surfer wins so much that he gets gold plated,” Slott told the crowd. The exclusive Mike Allred art shown during the panel backed up that claim.

Issue #8 of Silver Surfer is going to introduce a new character, Tiny Herald, who has actually been around since issue #1, but is so tiny that he hasn’t been seen on panel. Issue #8 will show everything Tiny Herald has been up to since issue #1.

Ryan Penagos showed the crowd some exclusive art from Champions #2. Robbie Thompson said that the issue features the team going camping, and shows how Cyclops joins the team.

Peter David spoke about what we can expect in upcoming issues of Spider-Man 2099. “We’re going to do a story arc where Spider-Man fights The Fist, the terrorist group that messes things up in 2099,” revealed David. The story arc will have lots of zombies. Exclusive art of Captain America 2099 was shown at the panel. She will appear in Spider-Man 2099 #17. David said that he instructed artist Will Sliney to make her very buff and muscular, as she has a future version of the Super Soldier Serum coursing through her. Issues #17-19 of Spider-Man 2099 will guest star Elektra.

Ryan Penagos then showed the crowd the clip from the new Netflix Iron Fist series that was shown at the Iron Fist NYCC panel the night before. The clip featured Iron Fist fighting his way through a horde of ninjas while making his way down a hallway. If you liked the fight scenes in Daredevil, you will be very pleased with Iron Fist. After the clip, Peter David joked, “Can’t our heroes ever just walk down a hallway?”

Art from Spidey #12 was shown to the audience. Issue 12 will be the final issue of the series.

Robbie Thompson spoke about the Doctor Strange spinoff series, Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme. The series unites Sorcerer Supremes from various time periods to fight a present day threat. The series will introduce Nina, the Brazilian Sorceress Supreme from the 1930s. Thompson described her as, “probably the baddest ass of the Sorcerers Supreme.”

Nick Spencer spoke about his two Captain America series, Sam Wilson: Captain America and Steve Rogers: Captain America. “We have a D-Man wrestling issue” in Sam Wilson: Captain America #15, said Spencer, and issue #16 will see Misty Knight wielding the shield. “Lots of exciting stuff coming up,” Nick Spencer told the crowd regarding Sam Wilson: Captain America. As for Steve Rogers: Captain America, an upcoming issue will show what Steve Rogers was up to during Civil War II. Now that Steve’s reality has been rewritten to make him an agent of Hydra, expect what he was up to be no good.

A second Iron Fist clip was shown. This one featured Colleen Wing in a 2-on-1 cage fight on the Brooklyn waterfront.

During the fan Q&A, one fan complained about the panel being comprised entirely of white males. Ryan Penagos acknowledged her criticism and said, “You’re right. We can do better.”

Another fan asked if the newly returned Doctor Octopus will retain his memories as Superior Spider-Man. To which Dan Slott replied, “You’ll get that answer in Amazing Spider-Man #20.”



  1. Some thoughts about the content of this comic con panel….

    • The clone conspiracy thing was a critical and commercial failure the first time around, so why the overwhelming desire to go back to something that is a proven failure with the true believers. Work to improve the Spider–Gwen character and move on with life. After all Peter has moved on just fine with Mary Jane and others.
    • The Silver Surfer is one of Marvel’s few bright spots today, good luck and continued success to D. Slott and M. Allred.
    • Champions is another mystery to me, why end one title (Avenger ANAD), to start a clone of that title, you should have just modified current one (like you used to do with the original Avengers book) and moved on with it. True believers would find this more honest and less looking like another money grab.
    • Spider-man 2099, is an example of trying to force feed a book that did not succeed the first time, back to the true believers again, and again. I tried the first 6 issues of the most recent volume thinking that this was a book about Spider-man in a future world. What was I thinking, instead it was a future SM stuck in today’s world with you know a half a dozen other Spider-persons.
    • Doctor Strange is another of those characters that has often struggled to support one title, so creating a second title seems like a recipe for disaster, or at least a title that will be gone shortly after the movie is gone from the theaters.
    • Captain America has had to suffer more experiments in the 21st century than in the 20th century. Going from being dead (murdered) in todays world to alive in some phantom zone world, to becoming an a premature Medicare applicant, to sharing his name with another black man (which by the way is cool, but you couldn’t think of a more original name?), to NOW having his history defamed by calling him a Hydra agent.

    If I were you guys, I’d think harder about what you are doing lately and what kind of stories you’re proposing, because it seems that most everything is not truly attractive to the true believers.

    Lastly, I remember reading an interview where the reason given by Marvel management for raising the price of their comic books from $2.99 to $3.99, was “Because we can do it.” Sometimes doing something just because you can is not the right thing to do!

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