Jamal Igle announced to the press that he has stepped down as Action Lab Entertainment’s Vice President of Marketing. “I am a creator and as such, I’m forced to make my multiple creative endeavors a priority,” Igle said. He started handling PR for Action Lab in November 2013, but Igle stated that he’s working on the next Molly Danger installment and it will remain with the publisher’s imprint for younger readers.

It’s not surprising that Igle would be forced to make this decision after his latest series—Black #1 by Kwanza Osajyefo, Tim Smith 3, Khary Randolph, and edited by Sarah Litt sold out last week. Black was a Kickstarter success and later snatched by Black Mask Studios. The Kickstarter projected raised $91,973.

The Beat reached out to Action Lab for comment and Dave Dwonch sent this:

“Jamal has been an integral component in the growth of Action Lab. While we’ll miss him terribly, he will always be a part of the Action Lab family, and definitely someone we will be celebrating the holiday and con seasons with. He’s left large shoes to fill, and I look forward to the challenge of filling them alongside Nicole and Jim. We are truly invested in the longterm success of the company, a success that Jamal will continue to be a huge part of with the Actionverse and Molly Danger.”

Click here to read Igle’s full statement.

Personally, I’m excited to hear that Jamal is forced to live life from his drawing table—or tablet— again.


  1. You missed one of the book’s art team, Henry, but that’s okay, only Amazon seems to have included the inker’s name. Oh, and it’s on the hard-copy version as well.

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