Normally, I’d post daily journals of what I saw at New York Comic Con, but it’s a week later, it’s all a blur, and, to be honest I (and most of you) don’t really care.

So, instead, I’ll be posting a few photo blogs, by topic.  This one: Legos! Specifically, DC Superhero Girls, and the Batman Lego Movie!

(And apologies for the quality… I’m using a 5MP Samsung Galaxy camera from 2010, and sometimes it focuses on the glass, not the object.)

Yup! You could take a photo with the DC Superhero Girls!
Oh my! A bad girl! But there’s Krypto! And a blue Kryptomite. ? (Sentient bits of Kryptonite.)
An invisible … bike? Hey… Batgirl gets a jet, so Wondie can get a bike. Looks like she’s a gearhead. Which would place her up there with Batman, right? “Hey, Festus!”
Here you see the Bumblebee and Batgirl sets as well.
That blonde hunk? Steve Trevor, waiter. But what’s he doing with Harley?!? (Probably looking for a bacon stretcher.)
The Superhero High set, starring: Supergirl! Poison Ivy! Her plant pet! And… Lena Luthor! (I think those Kryptomites are like the emotional spectrum… each has a specific expression.)
Fairly lifesize. Still kinda weird, almost pixelated, in 3-D. (Has that ever happened in the comics? A bit like Bizzaro, but with sharper angles?)


So… in the middle of the booth were tables with bins filled with 4×2 bricks, all the same color. Attendees then made a larger hollow 12x6x3 brick, and gave that to the two Master Builders working on the stage. You can see the scale model, and the final model. For scale… a Lego minifigure is about three bricks tall.
Friday, Batgirl took the stage!


…and finally, Robin! (yeah, that’s a mask, not glasses. But… a nerdy Robin would be kinda cool. Hmm… does this mean he’s in the Batman Lego movie?!)
Still under construction on Saturday. (You can see the fan-made green bricks at the bottom.)
Nice to see a smiling Batman!